Flu Vaccination 2020

There will be no Flu Vaccination offered within the practice premises for the 2020/21 season.

We had to come to this difficult decision because we are unable to maintain safe social distancing for our patients within our premises. We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience for our patients, however the decision has been made purely for the safety of our staff and patients alike.

 All Flu Vaccinations for our eligible practice population will now be offered by the HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership)

 We have been told that HSCP Flu clinics will commence fairly soon and that eligible patients will receive a letter offering them a date and time for their appointment. Please note this will be an appointment only service and patients should not arrive unless they have a confirmed appointment letter. Please try and stick to your offered appointment as there is very limited capacity to rearrange your appointment. You may be offered an appointment at either Community Centre for Health Partick, Maryhill Health Centre or Woodside Health Centre. The practice has no control over this process and please do not contact Reception as we won’t have anything more to suggest.

Cohorts by Age:

Child aged 6 months to 2 years with a health condition

Children in at risk cohorts will be identified and the local Pre-School Immunisation Team will contact the parent/guardian with an allocated appointment for their child. The team are currently appointing all identified children to routine clinics as a priority. If you have not received an invite then please contact the childhood flu line 01412014190

Child aged 2 to 5 (not yet at school)

All parents/carers of 2-5 year olds will receive a letter with an allocated appointment in the next 8-10 weeks. Parents / carers who need to rearrange their child’s appointment should call 01412014190.

Primary school aged children

All primary school aged children will have received a consent pack to take home when schools returned in August and parents/carers are asked to complete and return completed consent forms to school within seven days. Flu immunisation sessions will be delivered in school from the beginning of October until mid-December. If a child misses their flu immunisation at school, for whatever reason, a flyer will be sent home with information about how the parent / guardian can arrange an appointment for their immunisation. Enquiries about vaccinations for school age children can be directed by telephoning 0141-532-8768

If an appointment needs to be rearranged, the parent / guardian should call 0141 201 4190

12 to 17 years old with a health condition, young carers and household contacts of those who are shielding. 12 to 17 year olds in these categories (or their parent/carer) should telephone 0141 532 8768 to make an appointment for their flu vaccination. Individuals will be identified from national systems and receive a letter advising them to make an appointment; there will also be the ability to self declare.


18-64 year old with a health condition

Individuals in this group eligible for flu vaccination will be contacted by the HSCP in due course. Once again this will be an appointment only service.

Important update for 60-64 year olds

The flu programme has been extended to those aged 60-64 years

If you are in the age range of 60-64, and are registered with a General Practice within Glasgow City HSCP, you are eligible for a seasonal flu vaccination this year, and will have received a National letter notifying you of this.  The letter has been sent to people whose date of birth falls between 1st April 1956 and 31st March 1961.

If you have had a flu vaccine since September 2020, or have an appointment to get one, you do not need another vaccination and can ignore the letter.

GP Practices are not involved in the organisation of these clinics and therefore we cannot provide any further information regarding them – please do not phone the Practice about these vaccination arrangements.

Vaccines will be given at ‘’drop in’’ clinics, to patients registered with a Glasgow City General Practice.  (If you are registered with a General Practice in another Health Board area, or another Health and Social Care Partnership within NHS GG&C, please check for the local arrangements that are in place for to deliver vaccination.) 

Glasgow City Clinics will take place on 

· Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December

· Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December

A list of the venues and the clinic times are noted below.  Please do not attend these clinics outwith these times.

If you are not able to attend these clinics, Community Pharmacies are also providing vaccinations to this age group from 1st to 13th December, and further information on participating pharmacies can be accessed via the NHS GG&C website.

If you are attending a clinic, please note the following:

· You must bring your invitation letter with you – this confirms that you are eligible for a seasonal flu vaccination

· As there are no appointment times, there may be queues, which might be lengthy at times.  Please be patient

· You might be required to queue outside, please be prepared by bringing an umbrella, wearing weather appropriate clothing

· In order to help maintain social distancing – please come alone wherever possible and follow the guidance in place maintaining a 2m distance from those around you at all times

· Wear a face covering, and use the hand sanitiser available on entry into the site 

· We will have staff in place to support and maintain social distancing – please follow any guidance they give to you

· It would be helpful to wear a short sleeved top, under your coat or jacket

Clinic Venues and Times


Clinic dates

Clinic Times


Community Centre for Health

547 Dumbarton Road



G11 6HU


Saturday 5th December

Sunday 6th December

Saturday 12th December

Sunday 13th December


9:00am to 12.30pm


1.30pm to 3.00pm


Please note clinics are closed between 12.30pm and 1.30pm Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the clinic opening time and arrive no later than 15mins before clinic closing time.


Possilpark Health and Care Centre

99 Saracen Street 

G22 5AP


Saturday 5th December

Sunday 6th December

Saturday 12th December Sunday 13th December


9:00am to 12.30pm


1.30pm to 3.00pm


Maryhill Health and Care Centre

51 Gairbraid Avenue 

G20 8BZ


Saturday 5th December

Sunday 6th December

Saturday 12th December Sunday 13th December


9:00am to 12.30pm


1.30pm to 3.00pm


Drumchapel Health Centre

80/90 Kinfauns Drive 

G15 7TS



Saturday 5th December Sunday 6th December Saturday 12th December Sunday 13th December


9:00am to 12.30pm


1.30pm to 3.00pm


Pregnant women

All pregnant women will be offered flu from maternity services. If you have a patient who is pregnant, please direct them to their midwife for more information about getting a flu vaccination.

65 years old and over                                                                                                                                          

All 65+ will receive a letter with an allocated appointment. Patients who need to rearrange, or who have not received an appointment by the end of October, can contact 0141 201 4180. Alternatively you can send an email to adult.flu@ggc.scot.nhs.uk Please include with your email the following details:

Your name, CHI (if known), Date of birth, original appointment date and venue (if received), any change to appointment needed and your mobile number. 

You should only contact this number if you want to change your appointment. Patients are being invited by by date of birth and in alphabetical order, so it is likely that patients from the same household will be given appointments on different days. Patients will not be vaccinated if you attend without an appointment. As far as possible please keep to the allocated appointment. 


If you are housebound and are unable to attend your appointment then please contact the practice or directly phone 01412014180 to advise that you will not be attending. The practice will inform the Community Vaccination team who will offer a vaccination at your home.

55 - 65 year old

This group will receive information about how they will receive their vaccination within the next 8-10 weeks.

Unpaid carers and those living with people shielding

You will be eligible for free flu vaccine if you are a social care worker of any age employed by local authorities, private providers and third sector organisations. If you live in the same household as someone who has previously been advised to shield to protect them from Co-Vid 19, you can now get the free flu vaccine. Those aged 18-64 should make an appointment with one of the participating Community Pharmacies.

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